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Stay Charged on Your Adventures

Spin Up USB Charger

SPINUP F12W-PRO Bicycle USB dynamo is the first bicycle dynamo with Intelligent Power Management System(IPMS).


It controls power output according to your riding speed and provides touring devices with a stable electric current at 1000mA, even when you briefly stop for a traffic light. You can feel free to charge your iPhone or GoPro directly.

At speeds less than 4 MPH there is no power production.

4 MPH to 9 MPH power productions comes from Cache Battery.

Speeds greater than 9 MPH 5v1000mA of electricity are produced directly and charges the cache battery.

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We are working hard directly with Spin Up to bring their wonderful products to the United States Market and North American Market.


North American Agent:

Samsara Adventures llc. 1403 County Road 205

                                  Durango, Co. 81301

Tel: (720) 299-2193 

Email:  info @

Taiwan Office:

SunUp Eco Co., Ltd. Rm. 3 2F., no. 185, Kewang Rd.,

                            Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City

                            325016, Taiwan 3(B203)

Tel: +866-3-407-2083 -

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